Monday, September 15, 2014

and their empire crumbled 'til all that was left were the stones the workmen found

Brothers and sisters, I am of the opinion that "rinse and repeat" instructions are part of a plot to sell more shampoo, making more profits for Big Soap, sending more chemicals into our water, turning more and more of our fish into hermaphrodites.  Sad.  Since I am growing my hair out I've stopped washing my hair so often--also Ken Jennings said we wash our hair too much in his very fun and useful book--and I can go three days between washes, as in wash Monday, not Tuesday, not Wednesday, wash Thursday.  And I used to feel like I had to rinse and repeat, but then one day I decided to try just one wash, and my hair behaved just fine.  Maybe even better.  So I have thrown off the shackles of rinse and repeat, and I HAVE NEVER FELT SO FREE! 

So last week in Utah a young black man was shot multiple times in the back by the police, and maybe he was being weird and dangerous with his not-real samurai sword, but maybe he wasn't.  Who knows?  The police say he lunged at them with the sword, and witnesses say he was running away, so once again we have incompatible stories and it sure is weird how many people are getting shot in the back while they're supposedly attacking.

Hazel got hurt last week--we're not sure what happened, but her right front knee is swollen and she is limping terribly.  I think it was probably the horrid bucks, crashing around like idiots as they do.  But they have gone to auction and good riddance.  They made us a sweet $349 smackers too, so good job us for raising them and good job them for being good-looking I guess.