Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm bleedin' out, I'm bleedin' out for you

Some days I feel like the world is too broken to ever be fixed.  Shall we assemble a brain trust of good folks like you and me to fix some problems?  Let's get started: 
1.  Education reform and its effect on socioeconomic inequality.  For preliminary reading, consult this heartbreaking post over at BCC and/or "The Teacher Wars" by Dana Goldstein
2.  Ebola
3.  ISIS
4.  Predation and exploitation of children

Education reform?  Bleh, what a mess.  I don't have any answers here, other than I try to be involved in my kids' education, because involved parents make for better schools.  Beyond that problem that's easily affected by the fact that I'm in a good district and have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom who has time to be in the schools, I'm lost. 

Ebola, well, for one thing you're going to need worldwide access to clean water.  And seeing as how in Utah we're still pooping in our pristine drinking water, I suspect that not everyone understands that water is a finite resource many don't have access to.  

I think that (3) and (4) could both be solved by some kind of death ray controlled by a telepathic drone, which deploys in the moment the perpetrator begins his/her act of violence--I'm not advocating for Minority Report-style pre-crime stuff here, just for the act of violence to not be pursued to the criminal's desired endpoint. How far away are we from this kind of technology? 

Thoughts?  Suggestions? 


tipsybaker said...

Should I read Teacher Wars?
I just read Getting Schooled by Garret Keizer which I loved and highly recommend. He's a tart, crabby, poetic, super-smart curmudgeon. You'll like him.

Layne said...

I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to. She was on Fresh Air the other day and it was such an interesting discussion. I'll look up Getting Schooled.