Wednesday, October 22, 2014

so we strapped a cannon to Bootstrap's bootstraps

Last week I was making a double batch of Dutch oven bread and had to call into service a Cuisinart pan that I've only used to make soups and whatnot.  The enamel exploded all over the oven while it was preheating, which was not very cool.  

I finished Frankenstein, and it is a sad book.  Have any of you read it recently?  Do you hate Victor as much as I do?  He is rotten, and it infuriates me that he never acknowledges his own culpability, not just for the monster's person, but also his boundless bitterness and rage.  It sounds so trite to say "He just wants to be loved!", but it's the truth.  It's too bad that Victor was grossed out by his creation, but it was his creation.  He was responsible for the care and feeding of it, morally as well as physically, and he blew it, and he deserved death and ruin so I'm glad he got it.  If he couldn't fulfill his responsibilities to the monster then he should have destroyed it as soon as it came to life.  I feel sorry for the innocents that were destroyed by association with Victor, and their deaths are on his head, a fact that I don't think he really ever accepts.  Ugh, I hate him.  And Walton, the ship's captain, is basically in love with him, partly because he (Walton) is classist and aspirationally elitist.  He's a whole other can of worms to examine on a therapist's couch.  I would love to sit down with Mary Shelley and pick her brain.  What was her intent with Victor Frankenstein?  Was she trying to create a sympathetic hero or a villain?  

We have pressed about thirteen gallons of apple cider in the last week.  It is so amazing and I feel super provident.  We have six more boxes of apples we need to do, but they're all golden delicious, and a single-variety cider is not a good cider.  We need to get our hands on some nice spicy apples that somebody wants off their tree.  


beckster said...

I have never read Frankenstein, even though I am an avid reader. So, you recommend? I am envious of your cider! So what's up with that enamel pan????

Layne said...

I do recommend it. It was much more thought-provoking than I anticipated.

I am so mad about the enamel pan! That is one of the jobs that it should do without difficulty, right? But no, shards of enamel all over the place. And the smell! Peeyew.

Our friends built the cider press, and we're getting twice the output per box of apples that we got from the press we borrowed last year. It is amazing.