Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the town so nice they named it twice

Today was the last day of school this week, and our fall break has begun, which basically means four nights we can watch movies instead of two.  Double the pleasure, double the fun!  I tell you, I could watch movies and eat treats with my kids until the cows came home and I would count myself among the most fortunate of women.  This is how I know I will have poor health and die early.  'Cuz I just love sittin' 'n eatin'!  But we can't live forever, you know?  So I may as well have fun with what time I have on this miserable rock.  Just kidding, Earth, I love you!  Don't kill me with a supervolcano.

We're not going anywhere exciting for fall break because 1) cannot afford and 2) sick of going places.  Remind me to feed my mom's cat.  I got our bass back from the guitar store.  They were helping it to not buzz because it is a cheap bass and has some high frets.  While there I took a closer look at the dulcimer Ike discovered and has been begging for ever since we dropped off the bass.  I thought about it because who doesn't want a gentle giant of a child who plays the dulcimer?  But it seems like kind of a dumb idea and maybe a little gimmicky and until somebody convinces me that I need it I'm staying out of the ren faire department.  But I did buy a guitar while I was there because I want there to be a guitar at my parents' house and who wants to be the nerdlinger who hauls their guitar everywhere they go, like "Oh hi, here I am with my guitar just in case you want me to perform for everybody and make this gathering all about me like usual."  It's a beaut, too--mahogany!  It makes me think of incense, but in a cool, woodsy way, not a hallucinogenic mushroom and dirty shag carpet way.

Did I tell you that I dyed my canvas trench coat with the same dye I used on my armchairs, and that it worked like a charm?  Well, it did.  Just stirred it around in my roasting pan for a half hour and then washed it.

Our elephant heart plum tree finally produced something this year, and boy, was it worth the wait.  These plums are so big and crisp and sweet and juicy, and so deep red that it looks like blood on my cutting board!


Barbie said...

Hi Layne,
Nice guitar! Also nice plums. I have one that I thought was an elephant heart but it was ready the end of August so I am probably wrong. I'd love one ready this time of year so should plant an elephant heart if it is as good as you say it is.