Wednesday, November 19, 2014

flying too high like some bird in the sky

Okay, this is the pie list I came up with.  Can I get some feedback?

Lemon Meringue
Cranberry Meringue (Should I cut the cranberries with some raspberries?)

Plum/Blueberry (Which one?  Maybe a mix?)

Strawberry/Chocolate (Chocolate is a bigger crowd-pleaser, but strawberry is less expected)

Maple Syrup

I am not totally opposed to adding another one into the mix--the obvious choice would be to do both strawberry and chocolate cream pies, because I really want to do that strawberry one--but is it too summery?  And is that too many cream pies?  I do a chocolate pie with bananas, but I think people probably want a traditional banana cream pie with vanilla filling for Thanksgiving, would you agree?  And what about the crusts?  I've looked through and decided that they are all probably good in a traditional pastry crust, except for maybe the pumpkin, which might be nice in a gingersnap crust.  And I know chocolate pie in a chocolate crumb crust is good, but sometimes it feels like too much chocolate.


beckster said...

I am happy to provide feedback, but you know, with this many pies, you should really just please yourself. If there is anyone who cannot find a pie they like, they are not "pleasable". I would cut the cranberries with something. I like cranberries, but a whole pie of them is a bit much. Raspberries or cherries should work. I don't consider pumpkin a rich pie; it's a pretty low calorie pie. I have never had a lot of these pies, so I can't provide a worthy opinion. Have great fun making pies!

tipsybaker said...

My thoughts: definitely cut the cranberries with raspberries. I'd choose blueberry over plum, though there's something strangely autumnal about plums and it's not a pie you see very often. I would rather eat strawberry pie than chocolate, but for the balance of your array, I'd go with chocolate. Did I miss a pecan pie in there? No pecan? Sad!!! But I'm not on the guest list. And, as Beckster writes, you should really just please yourself.

Amy said...

I love your sour choices and your fruit choices. I would pick blueberry. My brother in law did a sour cream blueberry pie last year that was to die for. I don't agree that a banana cream pie is needed/expected. I say go for the strawberry! Brian and I had a slice of strawberry cheesecake/pie last night that was out of this world, so I think it is a fine season for it. Maybe do a strawberry and a chocolate if you are worried about it. But, I also think strawberry and banana would be fine. People can get their chocolate fixes at Christmas. And, the pumpkin and maple pies are perfect. Happy baking to you!

Layne said...

Thanks for the feedback, all! It seems that plums are not very available right now, so it may be blueberry alone. I'm still up in the air about chocolate vs. strawberry. We'll see how I feel tomorrow when I make the fillings.

Matt and Emily said...

Um.... I'm so excited to eat your pies!