Monday, November 17, 2014

what is urinetown? urinetown is here

Welp, at least one of the goats is bred.  The buck arrived Saturday morning and didn't waste any time.  He is a sweet, good-tempered boy, too, so hopefully that will carry through to the babies.  Goodness knows Sally's kids don't need any more crazy.  

I have begun my pie preparations for Thanksgiving.  But I am so hung up on flavors!  Here's what's planned:  

1.  Apple 
2.  Lemon Meringue 
3.  Banana Cream
4.  Pumpkin 
5.  Maple Syrup (from a recent Cook's Country magazine--looks totally intriguing) 
6.  Chess? (maybe too similar to the maple syrup pie)
7.  Rhubarb? (where to find rhubarb this time of year)
8.  Pecan? (I don't know if John's family even likes pecan pie) 

Do we need eight pies? There will be thirty-some-odd people, some of them children and babies.  I usually cut pies into eight pieces, so that would be enough for almost everybody, children and babies included, to have two pieces.  Will people eat that much pie?  And what about the flavors?  You have to have apple, lemon, pumpkin, and banana cream, but the rest are all up for grabs and other than the maple syrup one I'm not feeling jazzed about any of them.  Chocolate cream pie is boring.  As John says, that's what you give to children who don't like pie.  It's a cheater pie for palate-deaf babies is all we're saying.  HELP ME.  


tipsybaker said...

You definitely need 8 pies. I'd go with 10, personally, but I always overdo the pies.
It seems like you need some chocolate in there. If not chocolate cream, what about chocolate peanut butter or some such?
Rhubarb seems too springy to me. If I were going red and fruity, I'd go with cherry due to the availability canned cherries. Cherry doesn't really have a season. Sweet potato?

All8 said...

Chocolate is a tradition with Ambrose's family, but I make my own pudding. Personally, I prefer hot pudding instead of cold pie. If John's family likes sweet and nutty, they'll like pecan pie. My vote is for Pumpkin Cheesecake with gingersnap crust but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Maybe you could make an ice cream pie with a sugar cookie crust but use one of your awesome homemade ices.

Layne said...

It's true. The masses will mutiny if there is no chocolate on the table.

And hot pudding is so much better than cold pudding!