Friday, December 19, 2014

strike the harp and join the chorus

Today I was watching that video where they ask a whole bunch of people the eternal question:  "Lennon or McCartney?"  Everything proceeds as you might imagine, with the results seeming to be fairly evenly split, and then there's a guy that says this:  "As a person, Lennon, but McCartney's (something something about songwriting)" I stopped listening because I was so gobsmacked by AS A PERSON, LENNON.

Remember the part in Forrest Gump where Jennay has that douchebag abusive boyfriend who at one point excuses his outbursts by blaming Johnson for being a warmonger, you know, 'cause the boyfriend is an anti-war protester.  He loves peace so much that sometimes he just has to hit his girlfriend in frustration if there's not enough peace going around.  Well, that guy is a TOTAL John Lennon--full of righteous judgment for everyone but himself.  I love Lennon's music, and there is so much beauty and truth in some of it, but like many of our beloved celebrities, the man himself was not the personification of his art that we wanted him to be.  He was a scold, a hypocrite, and a weenie.  And maybe (maybe) Paul McCartney was a weenie too, but you can't be going around saying that you prefer John Lennon as a person unless you want to be exposed as a jerk.

There's a bit on a superhero-themed episode of This American Life where John Hodgman talks about how he often asks people the other classic question:  Invisibility or flight?   He gets into what motivates people to choose one over the other, and he has noticed a trend--that people who want flight typically want to use it to help other people, while those who want invisibility want to use it to get away with stuff, e.g. shoplifting.  One guy he talks to says that invisibility is the choice of craven masturbators.  What I'm getting at here is that I want people to ask the two questions together:  Lennon or McCartney, and invisibility or flight, and then do an analysis of the answers.  Like, I wonder if there are people who claim to care about peace and love, but really they just want to boss people around and steal stuff, and if that would be manifested in the data.  WHY DO I NOT OWN A THINK TANK?


All8 said...

Hm, I think I'd choose flying but not because of anything altruistic. I'd love the wind in my face, to go anywhere I want, without fear of falling or getting hurt. Think of all the beautiful scenery you could go see. Maybe, to migrate with the cranes over the Himalayas or swoop along, just missing the surface of the lake while running your finger tips through it. I'd love to find out the perfect cruising speed to always be in the sunrise or maybe the sunset. To sit in the tree tops, without the climb.....

Although, I think I'd like invisibility sometimes too, you know to be like a fly on the wall to hear what people really think and say. OR to avoid people that you really don't want to see while you're out and about. (I'm a hermit by nature, most of the time I'm trying not to be.)

The real question is, What would you choose and why?

highdeekay said...

I want to join your think tank.

Flying (for many of the reasons All8 mentioned).

Paul over John (for all the reasons you mentioned).

Amanda said...

Store about McCarthy. I've a friend does live sports television. She was working the Super Bowl where Paul McCartney did the half time show. Afterwards, Paul came back to the truck where the invisible peons of the TV world toil, and thanked each and every one of the crew for a great show. She's done this work since the 80's and no talent has ever done that before or since. Only Paul McCartney.

Layne said...

I love that story about Paul! You hate to expect good behavior from famous people, but I can't help but feel like he's a pretty decent guy for being so incredibly talented and having been one of the most famous people in the world since he was a teenager.

I might choose invisibility because I'm afraid of heights. If I think too hard about it, the fact that our planet is just spinning around in space unsupported is a little freaky for me.