Tuesday, December 2, 2014

there are dog- and caterpillars and a copper centipede

Here's how the pie situation shook out:  together, my sister-in-law Emily and I made nine pies.

1. banana cream
2.  chocolate cream
3.  cran-raspberry meringue
4.  lemon meringue 
5.  pumpkin
6.  pecan
7.  maple syrup
8.  apple blueberry 
9.  apple 

The cran-rasp went better than I feared it would, the apple-blueberry was a soupy mess (I should have gone with my gut and pre-cooked the filling like I normally do), the maple syrup one was a nice surprise and with whipped cream it tasted like breakfast, the pumpkin was not a big seller, and it was nice to finally have pecan pie at Thanksgiving, since I've heard that's a thing that people do, I just haven't grown up in or married into a family that observes the pecan tradition.  

The turkey was probably the best turkey I have ever eaten.  Turkey is hard, we all know it, and most of the time we want so badly for it to be better than it is, so we retcon it to make the day seem more fulfilling.  But this turkey was perfection.  We skirted around and dabbled in controversial conversation topics (polygamy; Mormon heterodoxy) and dived deep into others (the terrible primary teacher who singles out my niece for harsh, unmerited criticism; food) and raised our eyebrows in dismay about this and that example of bad behavior.  A good time was had by all.  I love Thanksgiving!  

I was very resistant and grumpy about going to cut a Christmas tree this year, but John talked me into it, because he said it was clearly an important thing for my mom.  So off we went, and we got a good tree, and now it is up and lighted and ornamented and I'm glad we went, even if I do have to sweep up needles for a month.  


tipsybaker said...

Sweet post, Layne. And I'm glad you've embraced pecan. It was the first to go in our house, followed by the apple. Both got eaten in their entirety. Everything else finally had to go to the hens yesterday, not because the pies were bad (except salty pluff: BAD) but because we overbaked.

Layne said...

What did you make aside from pecan, apple and salty pluff?

tipsybaker said...

pumpkin, chess, and butterscotch meringue