Thursday, January 22, 2015

and when the band plays "hail to the chief," oh they point the cannon at you

I'm pleased to see the new presidential campaign season ramping up, although I am sure to be annoyed before too long.  It's such a delightful little pageant of people trying on costumes they think the American people will find compelling.  One of my favorites of the disingenuous narratives is the way that each of the candidates attempts to downplay their extreme privilege.  So many of them suddenly become middle-class children of blue-collar or immigrant (but not the wrong kind of immigrant!) parents, and they worked for everything they have and nobody ever gave them nothin' and AMERICA, blah blah blah.  I'm curious to see how this election shakes out, because it seems that when a two-term president is leaving office the candidate from the opposing party often takes it, which would mean that a Republican has a pretty good shot.  I should call Ken Rudin and ask him if my memory is serving me right.  And I wonder if it is affected if there has been a midterm election in which the opposing party took Congress.  But regardless of that, I hope hope hope Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, and I hope hope hope that he chooses a woman or a minority or both for his running mate (HA HA HA like that would happen), just so that I can make a comic called "Fortunate Son and Token."  And they would have exciting political adventures--the first one would be "Fortunate Son and Token Go to Washington" of course.  I was actually a little surprised when Romney chose that atavistic gym rat for his running mate last time, because I think it showed a lack of political acumen.  Like, even if it was pandering, couldn't he see that people were in the mood to see more women and minorities on the ballot?  Did anybody in his camp float that past him?  Or am I way off?  Was everybody like, "Yeah, put a judgy bro on the ticket, that'll bring the crowds in."  

What do you think is the likelihood of a Mitt vs. Hillary election?  Would be interesting.  But like I said, I think the deck is stacked a little bit against the Democrats this time, and I wonder if Hillary's chances are improved by sitting this one out, or by running again?  Ooh, what if we had co-presidents, one from each party, and whoever won their party's nomination was it, and they would have to govern together?  Would it be an improvement or a horrible mess?  I don't know that it would change much, to be honest.  The same people would still be running everything.