Monday, January 12, 2015

baby, you've got a stew going!

Last night I dreamed we had bought a dog, and in the hazy state of half-sleep when you are waking up and not quite sure yet what is real and what is not I was like "OH CRAP."  It was nice to wake up the rest of the way and remember that there is no dog out in the garage wanting me to come feed it and take it on a walk.  I really did love Aggie for those two months we had her, but I found out in a hurry that I did not have the emotional reserves to be the kind of dog parent I wanted to be, and it was stressing me out to the max.  So although it's terrible that she was hit by a car, my mental state is better in the long run because of it.

I bought some thermoses for my kids to take lunches in, because they were in despair about sandwiches every day, and since they were talking to someone who took a granola bar (Kudos brand, which is just a straight-up candy bar, not even a bald candy bar like other granola bars) and a string cheese every day for lunch for her entire high school career (we are talking about me) I felt not a ton of pity for them?  No, I really did feel sad, because it made me remember the crushing ennui of repetitive food.  So off to Amazon to buy thermoses since nobody around here seems to sell them anymore.  And ladies and gentlemen, thermos technology has improved light years in the time since we were children.  They all said their noodles were hot as can be when they opened them up.  Good job, me!

I think if I were super rich, like old-money, Standard Oil rich, my affinity for hot dogs would be an endearing quirk, but as it is it's just predictable and sad.  But I can't help it!  Have you even bitten into a perfect Nathan's hot dog (redundant; all Nathan's hot dogs are perfect)?  They are incredibly delicious!  Throw some sauerkraut on there with Grey Poupon Country Dijon and Muir Glen ketchup, and you will be in heaven.


tipsybaker said...

I love hot dogs, too. Just thinking about them right now makes me want to go eat one.
I can't believe you survived on a bar and a string cheese for lunch. Was that your choice? I shouldn't be surprised, though, because when I was in high school I thought a totally sensible lunch was a single Lucerne strawberry yogurt. Period.

Layne said...

The sickening thing is I'm sure it was out of a misguided attempt to not overeat and become FAT, horrors!