Friday, January 16, 2015

I could write a preface of how we met

I am a big Kurt Vonnegut fan, as I may have told you already, and right now I am reading Player Piano, which I don't remember reading before, and enjoying it immensely.  Kurt just gets me, you know?  If I had to write a self-important thesis for grad school it would definitely be a comparison of Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury.  Does anybody out there want to talk about them with me?  John hasn't read very much of Bradbury, and none of Vonnegut, so he's no help.  Right now I am thinking about Anita (Player Piano) and Mildred (Fahrenheit 451) . . . and there's someone else in the recesses of my brain they remind me of.  Anyway, I'm struck by the similarities, at least so far, between the two.  Different personalities, but equally enmeshed in the dystopian way of life presented in the novels, and equally resistant to unconventional thinking.  

I guess what I'm saying is that Player Piano is really great and interesting and I want you all to read it.  Heck, go read all of Vonnegut.  One of the characters in The Sirens of Titan, which I just finished, says, "Luck is not the hand of God," and hoo boy, does that ever need to be unpacked in a Gospel Doctrine class in a typical Wasatch-Front Mormon ward.