Thursday, February 5, 2015

and it burns, burns, burns

Let's have some more fun with gifs.

Did you hear about the babies at the Chicago-area daycare who have the measles?  Here's me reacting to the news that some babies, who are too young to have been vaccinated, have gotten sick, and, being so young, will likely suffer traumatic consequences as a result of the poor decisions and actions of other people:
funny animated GIF
I really do not understand what is going on out there.

I called the principal at Ike and Willa's school today because Ike came home the other day ready to spit nails because they aren't allowed to play dodge ball anymore.  He says his teacher (who is nice but not a good example of a healthy, active lifestyle) said that dodge ball is dangerous and the worst thing you can do for your body.  Really?  With the school lunches they serve?  In a society that still permits children to play little league football?  And the kids in Ike's class are encouraged to bring brownies on a regular basis to eat in class, and on regular days most of them are eating candy at their desks?

Not to judge, but that sounds like pseudoscientific compartmentalization.


tipsybaker said...

A propos of craziness in schools: The other day at 10 am I looked on Facebook and Owen had posted a picture he'd just taken IN HIS CLASSROOM DURING CLASS of the male teacher at a computer looking at a list of "women of who are sexier than Kate Upton."
Why is a teacher doing this in class? Why are students posting on Facebook during class? Not good. Nonetheless, I asked Owen to take down the post later lest some parent see and become outraged and get the teacher (a substitute) in trouble. You never know the circumstances and I would hate to think my kid started a witch hunt based on one stupid picture.
Agree about vaccinations. I hated dodgeball, but agree with you on that as well.