Thursday, February 12, 2015

before I DON'T go into the water, because that's gross

I know that in July we will be so sad about how the Earth is burning, but the nice weather/no snow is so nice right now that I guess I'll just whistle and not worry about it.

I watched a cute movie the other day--it's The Sapphires, and it's instant play on Netflix, and it has the delightful Chris O'Dowd in it, and four great Australian actresses and they are not little stick figures, and the story is interesting and if you like music, as I do, then you should watch it.  I highly recommend it.

I look at cracker recipes sometimes and think how delicious they look, but none of them look delicious enough for me to actually make them.  What I want is for people to make homemade cheezit-type crackers and give them to me for free.

There is a cat meowing somewhere in my house and I bet the kids have shut it in the bathroom.  If he poops in there I'm not cleaning it up.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the doctor, and some lady's toddler was FREAKING OUT and throwing a most impressive tantrum, and I was pretty steamed because I go to the doctor to relax, not listen to babies cry, but then I just thought "That is not your baby.  It is that lady's baby, and she has to go home with it," and POOF, attitude fixed.  I have found that many social annoyances can be solved when you remember that you don't have to go home with that person.  It helps you pity them rather than want to stab them in the face with a grapefruit knife.  I mean, when the annoying person is an adult, not a baby.  Ha ha I love babies I promise.


tipsybaker said...

I have found myself increasingly crabby about babies and children in restaurants, becoming the kind of thin-lipped lady I used to hate.