Tuesday, February 3, 2015

finally an excuse to wear makeup

I climbed out of my Vonnegut rut for a minute and read The Robber Bridegroom by Eudora Welty, and now I'm like WUT.
What's Going On?
Before today Eudora Welty's file in my brain has been pretty empty--a sticky note that says "a respected American author," and a clip from The Simpsons where a guest-starring Jon Lovitz as his Jay Sherman/The Critic character talks about Eudora Welty being the only other Pulitzer Prize winner who can belch.  But now I guess this story is going in the file, and it is a sack of bobcats!  It's true to traditional, pre-sanitization fairy-tale form, with a stupid father; a wicked stepmother who may also be a witch; a daft but comely girl who falls in love with and marries her rapist and lives with him and his band of robbers in the woods, doing all their cooking and cleaning, until he runs off because she has the audacity to try to find out his true identity; a bandit who drugs and rapes a native girl to death; and other assorted torture and mayhem.  I was a little flummoxed by it, to be honest, because I'm not familiar enough with Welty's style to know if it's always like this--horrible things written about in a very juvenile manner.  Anybody know what's going on here?


tipsybaker said...

I have never heard of this story! It sounds nuts. I have read some Eudora Welty. I may even have read her biography. Was she the chicken lover? Or was that Flannery O'Connor? (This is why I won't see that new Julianne Moore movie.)
Should I read this?

Layne said...

No, don't read it. I'm trying not to judge it by 21st century morals, but still. I can deal with offensive subject matter if it's treated properly, but this wasn't. It was disappointing.

I'm sure that I would start seeing signs of early-onset Alzheimer's the moment I started watching that movie.