Monday, February 9, 2015

with a love that's true, always

The other day Grant was practicing his trumpet, and it had been a few minutes since he'd emptied his spit valve or whatever that is called, and the trumpet was starting to have that crackly sound that means there's too much spit in it, and it reminded me that in high school I dated a guy who played the trombone, and once when we were at the regional Solo & Ensemble competition I went to watch him perform his piece, and I had never been up close and personal with a trombone, and you guys, did you know that spit just RUNS OUT of a trombone?  It was the grossest thing and so unsettled me that I never really felt the same about him again.  Every time I looked at him I saw great long drops of spit splashing onto the industrial carpet of the music room.  He was a creep, so it's better this way.  Although he did give me a Patsy Cline CD, which I still own because Patsy Cline is the boss.  I started to read a biography of her when I was young, and right out of the gate it started in to talking about how her father sexually abused her and I was like NOPE NOT READY FOR THIS.

Bottom line, make sure before you bring people into your circle of trust that they can handle your disgusting self re: slobbery brass instruments.

P.S. Our vacuum broke again, which is to say that the vacuum we bought after the last vacuum broke has now broken.  So I called my parents and my dad said to buy a Kirby from a pawn shop and then I would be done buying vacuums forever.  I don't know how y'all rich folks do it, but for me a pawn shop Kirby was the only Kirby I was ever going to see.  So I started looking around, found one in the classifieds, bought it, cleaned the dog smell out of it, and used it today for the first time.  I have to say, I had forgotten what good vacuums Kirbys are.  My mom has had one since I was a young'un, so I was ready for the heaviness, but this little buddy is the best, strongest vacuum I have ever used.  I would still NEVER buy a Kirby from a door-to-door salesman because that's creepy and expensive, but I will absolutely buy another used one someday to put downstairs.  Because they are too heavy to carry.