Thursday, April 2, 2015

every which way buttercups sway

Yesterday I was at the dentist's office, which thankfully no longer plays country music in the waiting room, because I complained and told them that it delegitimized their business.  I have been friends with the dentist since grade school, so it's okay if I tell him that his music is okay at the feed store or county fair, but not in his office, because it's true.  Country music, are you kidding me?  I don't care if it's Utah, this is not appropriate.

Anyway, we were listening to some lovely jazzy tunes in the waiting room and reading our lame magazines (that's the next thing I'm going to complain about) and one of the other people waiting started watching a video on her phone, it sounded like one of those "evolution of ____" things, and it was really loud!  Is that not rude public behavior?  One doesn't watch videos without earphones in a confined public space, am I right?  I think that what I'm trying to say is that when in a confined public space, it is our duty to behave in such a way that the other people in the space might be able to forget that we are there.  

Now I'm off to my guitar lesson and I haven't practiced very much, as usual, because the practicing makes me so sad.  If I were a child I would deserve to be yelled at by my parents for wasting their money.  


tipsybaker said...

Did you say something to this rude person? What would Fran Lebowitz do?
I want to hear those complaints about the magazines. I actually love seeing People in doctors' offices, but I really hate when others have marked up that little game where you find the differences in apparently identical photos. So rude. You need to do it in your HEAD so others can have the pleasure.

Layne said...

I looked at her with my eyebrows raised. She ignored me until her husband nudged her in the side with his elbow, then she turned it down. Score one for propriety!

My complaints are that the magazine selection is woefully deficient. There's Time, which I will read if I'm feeling alert and show-offy, but the other ones are all about running and hunting. No, I want People! I want smut rags at the doctor; I'm there to relax!

AGREED, I hate when people do the puzzles. It's a public resource, leave it for someone else to enjoy!