Friday, April 24, 2015

I've got a better idea--how about we don't?

Last night I was bringing Grant home from his basketball games at a high school that was basically like a palace or maybe an understated casino, and we stopped at Nielsen's Frozen Custard so that he could build some nice garbage muscles.  We talked about how you can't outrun a bad diet, and that someday he will pay for the way he eats, as I am paying now, but honestly he doesn't eat garbage that often, so burgers ahoy I guess.  Anyway, we ordered a quart of lemon custard (can't outrun a bad diet what?) to take home, which is about an hour away, and without even being asked those lovely people packed it all in ice in a plastic container so it would stay as hard as possible.  We usually look to Nielsen's for aloof, sluggish service which we put up with for the custard, but they were really great last night.

We heard pieces of that horrid "Dear Future Husband" song a few times on the radio and I ranted to Grant a little bit about how gross and retrograde it is.  When "All About That Bass" first came out everybody was like yay, here is a feminist, body-positive message for the young girls of today, and it took people a minute to even HEAR the misogynist "tell those skinny bitches that" lyric, or how the whole song was STILL about pleasing the male gaze, and now as more of Meghan Trainor's catalog is released we start to get a clearer picture of her platform, which seems to be that she just wants fat girls to be treated like sexy, infantile pets in the same way that skinny girls are.  A giant leap for mankind.

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I am making over a gallon of yogurt today, because I forgot to cancel our milk order this week.  So yes, I have our menu for next week planned, thank you for asking.


tipsybaker said...

I hate "All About that Bass." I change the station whenever it comes on and Owen changes it back. I find it thoroughly offensive for the reasons you state.