Tuesday, April 28, 2015

new new york's hottest club is whimsy

Well, friends and neighbors, I have good news and bad today.  Bad news first, so we get it over with.  I went out to check on the goats this morning and discovered that Hazel had died kidding last night.  No babies survived, because it looks like she died pushing the first kid--there were just some hooves poking out and that's it.  This is really sad for me, because Hazel was my good little buddy.  She loved me from the get-go and followed me around like a dog.  She was the calming influence on Sally and Minerva, and if they are manageable at all it is thanks to her good example.  She was a great mother, the best of all our goats.  Little Hazelnut, you will be missed.

The good news is that I'm watching our neighbors' goats for them while they are on vacation, and Sage, who is Hazel's sister, kidded triplets last night, two girls and a boy.  They were all dry and happy when I found them, so I moved them into a separate pen where they'll be away from the trampling of the other goats, and doctored their navels.  They're pretty cute.

That browny-bluey roan in the foreground is a female, which is super cool, because she'll add some great color to the goat consortium's herd.  And Sage has a great udder with nice big teats, so those are good genes to perpetuate.

I bought a Purple Prince crabapple to replace our Shogetsu flowering cherry that died like the weak sauce it is.  Fellow Northern Utahns:  do not be tempted by the flowering cherry.  They are so gorgeous, but they are not built for our climate.
This is a cute little fellow, and I love that bronzy foliage.

I'm cooking some dinner for a friend who has stage 2 non-alcoholic cirrhosis, and I'm a little freaked out that I might accidentally kill him?  I'm going to try French toast with yogurt and fruit and hope for the best.


tipsybaker said...

Oh Layne, that is sad about your goat. I'm so sorry.