Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the other day I saw a bear, a great big bear away up there

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Did I tell you about the used Kirby vacuum we bought off the classifieds?  I think I did.  Anyway, it's the greatest vacuum ever and I love it so much.  Last week I thought, hmm, it's been a while, maybe I ought to see if the bag is getting full.  IT WAS FULL!  It was so full it was like a heavy human child.  I cradled it in my arms and rocked it back and forth for humorous purposes, but John and the kids just made faces and said I was gross.

John requested a confetti cake for his birthday, so we did a taste test of a Pillsbury Funfetti mix and a homemade white cake with sprinkles baked into it (which is all the Funfetti cake mix has).  The mix was better, and we all preferred it.  The homemade cake was delicious too, but the mix cake had such a nice, even crumb and did a better job of hitting the bliss point.  Maybe nostalgia was also a factor, I don't know, and I wouldn't extrapolate the results to apply to other homemade vs. mix cake situations, but in this specific instance, Pillsbury wins.


tipsybaker said...

Good to know you got answers on the cake. What do you think of Jello poke cakes?

Layne said...

I think they're cute, but it's been so long since I had a piece that I can't remember what they taste like. Probably like Hostess Tiger Tails?