Wednesday, December 16, 2015

help them you can

We are closing in on the long-awaited day upon which we will be blessed by a new Star Wars movie, one that has the potential to actually be good, so naturally there are people writing their "I've never seen Star Wars" think pieces, which is cool and fine, but they're all like . . . weirdly proud and defiant about it?  Like they purposely use incorrect names and terminology for things in order, I suppose, to more fully portray themselves as people who care so little about the Star Wars universe that they don't even know what stuff is called, even though the terms were long ago absorbed into the larger culture.  Remember that joke about how you can tell if someone doesn't own a TV--don't worry, they'll tell you?  That's what I'm talking about.  If you care more about telling me that you haven't seen Star Wars than I care about you not seeing it, you are the weirdo.  You are me in college taking a tremendous amount of pride in telling people that I hadn't seen Titanic.  Guess what, younger me?  NOBODY CARES.  Nobody thinks you're cooler than them because you didn't watch a popular movie.  Same to you, Star Wars non-believers.  You're not cool or edgy, you just didn't see some movies.  And spending any time being proud of yourself because of it is way embarrassing.

Monday, December 14, 2015

but he never got cross if the game went wrong, and he always told the truth

Well, I don't know what to say.  For the past two months I have been too busy feeling apathetic and disappointed and unmoored to write any blog posts, save for one I started and then thought, "Nah, better not."  My already-hard heart has acquired a new layer of calcification and I am currently on a swell roller coaster ride in which I regularly wonder if anything I thought I knew is even true.  I am aware that I live a tremendously coddled existence, so I can't complain, but for me it has been unpleasant.

Plus blogs . . . who needs 'em?  So long, so self-adulating, adding so little to public discourse, meh to it all.  IT'S OLDTHINK!  But I am glad I have this little space to navel-gaze in, and as soon as I find an interesting topic that won't cause repercussions to my personal life I'll come straight here to hammer it out.