Friday, May 13, 2016

then your heart will start to jump, in your throat you'll get a lump

Currently reading:  So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson.  Loving it.  Next up, Gumption by Nick Offerman.  High hopes for that one as well.  I feel quite proud of myself for reading nonfiction, even if it is easy reading.  I started out looking for a Dolly Parton biography, but ended up with these other ones.

This morning I'm going through the male sock basket, which is where I put all the socks that John and the boys wear.  I have my own basket and Willa has a drawer.  The boys all share, so it doesn't make sense for me to try to parcel socks out to them in equal amounts or try to remember who has the orange Nike socks and who has the green ones.  For the past few months the leftover socks have been multiplying, so this morning I'm going through them and anything that doesn't have a mate is going to the dust rag pile or the garbage.  No single socks in here, this is a family community!

I've got tomatoes and lettuce and Swiss chard and kale and strawberries planted.  I have to replant the strawberries pretty much every year because they keep getting stomped on.  I want to buy a horse trough to put some peppers and more tomatoes in, because even though building your own raised bed is cheaper, according to some, it's not actually cheaper if you never get it built.  Well, I guess it's cheaper, but it doesn't really accomplish what you want.  And I love John very much, but when he says he will build a raised bed for me he is lying--lying unconsciously, but lying all the same.