Wednesday, August 30, 2017

you know you could have been some perfume

The house remodeling continues apace.  The insulation is in the walls now and it's interesting what a difference it has already made in the noise level, even though the windows are still gaping holes to the outside, letting flies and wasps in all the time.  

I took vicious pleasure in seeing Joel Osteen get thoroughly and rightfully shamed into opening his church to flood evacuees.  Locking your doors to the poor and needy and lying about why you're doing it is not a great look for a pastor.  It's almost like he cares about money and power and not the gospel of Jesus Christ?  So weird...

Today is John's birthday and I've made him an ice cream cake, which is what the weirdos at my house always want, except Ike, who is even more weird and always requests a cake made out of stuffing.  I made my own cake for my birthday just so I could have a real cake for a change.  I chose carrot cake and it was quite delicious--I made two sheet cakes and layered them because layer cakes are correct.  Anyway, back to John's cake--I got bourbon butter pecan for one of the flavors and it is super boozy, and probably the whole cake is ruined now.  Bourbon is a rough flavor for me to handle because it's so fruity.  Bleh.