Wednesday, April 17, 2019

even in novels written by women we cannot escape the male gaze

What's to be said, really?  Our world and specifically our nation fill me with disgust every day.  I am incredibly lucky to have a safe, comfortable life surrounded mostly by people of good character, and therefore I feel guilty all the time.  I am trying to figure out how to turn my guilt into something productive, and am looking for a path where my efforts can either help stop monsters, or help stop monsters being made. 

Things that have been bright spots in the recent past:  
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.  I made her miso-cured eggs for some ramen a couple of weeks ago and have taken to keeping them in the fridge for snacks.  
Big Dreams, Small Spaces.  I adore Monty Don and all the darling people he has helped with their garden.  This show and GBBO fill me with hope for humanity, because the people are so kind and decent, and the couples seem to genuinely care about each other, which is so often not the case with American programming.  
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.  This movie is a beautiful, heartwarming masterpiece.
Thrift store shopping.  
Used books and records. 
A stunning variegated Boston fern that I first saw an example of in a gorgeous, self-regarding nursery in Nashville, and then found--the only one of its kind, hidden in a flat of regular ferns--in the local gorgeous, self-regarding nursery.  
A grapefruit tree and a variegated lemon tree, set out for sale on someone's lawn in town.  I now realize that the mystery plant owner was probably selling them because they're both infested with scale, but thankfully it has not spread to my other plants and I am gradually regaining control.  
Skiing with my family.  
Regular calls with my son on his mission in Italy.  

See what I mean?  My life is very, very good.  

I read The Stranger Beside Me and watched Conversations with a Killer, so I probably know as much about Ted Bundy as I care to.  

We have no more farm animals, just the cats now.  I miss the goats in the springtime especially, but then thankfully we'll have a cold snap and I'll remember how much I do not need an extra job of caring for animals in the winter.  It was fun while it lasted and in theory I have taught my children to appreciate rural life and respect the people who feed us.  

I am extremely excited for Endgame, and extremely excited times 10 for The Rise of Skywalker.